Adding & Editing Dance Dates for the Where's The Dance Calendar

If you have previously added or edited dance events, the steps below can be a reminder of what you previously did. If you have not previously added and edited your club's dance events, the first thing you will want to do is run a Schedule for your club. If you do not see Edit icons at the right side of the Schedule page, you will need to contact us to allow us to set your permissions for you to edit your club's dance events. Make sure you tell us your club name and city.

There is no need to send us your club’s schedule as we are unable to add your club’s dances to the calendar. If your club wants visitors, it is important to have your regular dances, classes, and workshops on the calendar.

Here are the steps to add your club’s class, workshop, & dance dates to the calendar.

We have created 4 short videos so that you can see just how easy it is as well as learn some tips to make it go fast. We get a lot of compliments on how easy it is to add events after having watched the short videos. Do not short change yourself. Take a moment and make your life easier. We know it will be worth your time.

If you are going to be entering a series of events, watch parts 1, 2, & 3 before entering your first event.

1) First things first. Here’s how to log in:
Video for How to Log In

2) Next we will show you how to enter a single, 1 time event. Watch this video...
Video for Entering a Single Dance Date

3) For a series of dance events that occur at the same location, our Repeating Events matrix makes this easy. Watch this video to understand how the Repeating Events matrix works...
Video for Entering a Series of Repeating Dance Dates

Then use this URL to actually enter an event on Wheres The Dance.

Here's a tip for the future. When you run a Schedule for your club, if you are properly registered with us, you will also see an Add Event button on the Schedules page to easily add dance dates.

4) After entering a dance event (1 or multiple), each dance event can be edited for time, callers, location, and to add a flyer, etc.
Click here to Edit a dance or Add a flyer. Remember that if you do not see Edit icons on the right side of the Schedules page, that means that we are not aware of the email address that you have used to log in. Email us to advise of your desired email address that you would like to use to log in to our site.

We are very anxious to hear comments from you as to the value of the videos, the ease, difficulty, or other thoughts you have on the process that we have created.