• How to get started using Where's The Dance...
    The 4 primary tabs in the menu bar are Events, Clubs, Schedules, Flyer Central, & FAQ.
        The Events menu has 4 submenus:
            • Search for Events: Everything on this site is 'location based.' The settings in this window affects the results of every other page.
                    Use this window to state where you are located (or where you will later be.) Your address can be a postal code, a street address, or a city.
                    The location can also be a popular tourist spot 'Eiffel Tower' or Disneyland.
                    The 'distance' will set how far you are interested in traveling from your location. Events shown will be limited to this distance.
            • View as List: Displays future dance opportunities listed in date order, within date by time, and within time by distance from your location.
                    Each listing can be clicked to reveal additional details about that particular event.
                        Blue hyperlinks provide access to web sites, club contact email, maps, dance posters and flyers, and other useful additional information.
            • View on Calendar: Displays dance info on a monthly calendar view with color coding indicating the lowest level of Square Dancing at that event.
                    Green = Mainstream, Blue = Plus, Yellow = Advanced, Red = Challenge
                    The Calendar is the only place that it is possible to view dance events in the past.
            • View on Map: The Map view displays pins for each dance event based on your current search criteria.
                    Each pin is color coded for the lowest level of dance at that event. Hovering over a pin will reveal an Event Detail window.
        The Clubs menu has 3 submenus:
            • Search for Clubs: Enter a location address, city, or postal code to indicate where you are interested in finding a club.
            • View as List: Displays club names along with Councils, Federations, and Associations.
                    The listing also includes special events that are know primarily by their name.
                    The distance shown is the distance from the location entered in the Modify Search Criteria window.
                    The last column 'Verified' will display the date that the club last entered events. Be wary of clubs that do not have a recent date.
                    Each club line can be clicked to view the Club Detail window. Each blue hyperlink will provide additional information.
                    If the Club Detail window shows 'No future events are known', the club has chosen to not enter events on the calendar.
                        Let the club know you would like to see their events on the calendar.
            • View on Map; Displays each club with a color code for the lowest level of dance. Hovering over a pin will display more information.
        The Schedules menu presents the opportunity to immediately create a custom schedule for any caller or cuer, club, or dance facility.
            • The center box for Club Name or Event Name can be used for clubs or for special events.
            • Using multiple boxes at the same time can be used for additional filtering of events.
            • Blue hyperlinks provide access to web sites, contact email, event urls, and flyers.
        Our Flyer Central menu presents a wonderful way to explore distant Special Events.
    •Take a moment to check out the possibilities that you may find interesting on your travels away from home..
        The FAQ menu choice brought you to this page.

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  • Our club is listed in the Clubs section but our events are missing from the calendar. What should I do?
    Click the ‘Contact WTD Support’ button on your Club's Detail page. In the resulting email window, let us know of any changes to the club's 'typical schedule'. We will send you a special link so that you can take control of your club's dance data without any interference from us!

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  • What is the best way to handle dancing at clubs that I've never been to before?
    Every club that is on our site very much welcomes visitors. But… It is important that you contact the club in advance to confirm that the dance details have not changed. Some clubs have to cancel a dance due to a myriad of reasons and disappointment can be avoided. On every Dance Detail page, there is a contact name that is shown in HyperLink blue. Use that hyperlink to automatically send an email to the club's contact person. Let them know of your plans to visit their club and you will then be expected as a welcomed guest.

    It would also be appreciated if you would poke those clubs that do not have their events on the calendar. Examine the club listing and see if there are clubs in your area that do not have a recent Verified date. Let them know that they are missing out on visitors that will not be aware of their dances until the dance events are added to the calendar.

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  • This is a great site and it is free! How can I help you since you don't want my money?
    We do need your help. Every time you give someone money when you attend a dance, let that person know that you used 'WheresTheDance.com' to help you make your dance decision. We know that dancers love our site, but we also know that the clubs are not aware of how often you use our site.

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  • Is there a preferred format for flyers?
    A Flyer should ALWAYS be formatted as a PDF. Anything else will result in a poor quality flyer. Whomever is creating the flyer should be sure to create a .pdf when they have completed the design. Your computer may already allow you to ‘Print’ to a pdf file but if you do not have the ability to use your Print menu option and choose to Print a ‘PDF’, click the following link to download a program that will add that capability to your computer: PDF Driver for Windows computers

    When adding a flyer to an event, be sure to submit a .pdf when using the Drag & Drop, or the Click & Browse options. A graphic file that has a .jpg, .png, or .gif extension are all great for pictures but whenever there is text on the flyer, be sure to always use a .pdf.

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  • I have AOL email but you're not responding to my emails. Why not?
    AOL is refusing email that we send to AOL users. Many senior citizens who once were the leaders of a square dance club but are no longer dancing or have left their positions within the club have found it very effective to ensure that they do not get unwanted email by hitting the SPAM button that AOL offers them. We have also found that when we send out an update request to clubs, this often entails over 1,000 emails to AOL customers. To AOL, that activity seems like a spammer. This has made it extremely difficult for us to contact AOL users. We now have to request a non-AOL email address so that we can contact your club. Do trust that it is NOT your email account that is causing the problem. It is ALL email that WheresTheDance.com sends to any AOL user. This is nothing new in that AOL has always aggressively protected their senior citizens. Also note that we have nothing against AOL. There is nothing that WheresTheDance can do about this. AOL was designed many years ago and they have no reason to change. Their customers do not understand the problem and do not demand a fix. We’re sorry. I too grew up on AOL and was a Charter Member of AOL but I did have to move on. RAmeeti@aol.com (member since 10/6/1998) Back to Top
  • What do the icons mean?
    The colors and shapes of the icons allow you to visually see what kind of dance as well as the level of dance. For Square Dance, Green is for Basic & Mainstream, Blue is Plus, Gold is Advanced, Red is Challenge.

    Two squares = All Squares with no Rounds
    Green Mainstream icon Mainstream
    Blue Plus icon Plus
    Gold Advanced icon Advanced
    Red Challenge icon Challenge

    A Square followed by a Circle is a Square Dance with Rounds that starts with Squares while also having Rounds between the Square tips.
    Square Round Blue Plus icon Plus Dance starting with Squares, then Rounds between Tips

    A Circle followed by a Square indicates Pre-Rounds before the Squares begin (while also having Rounds between the Square tips.).
    Round Square Green Mainstream icon Mainstream Dance starting with Rounds

    Many dances will have multiple levels called at the same dance. The colors indicate the range of levels called.
    Green and Blue Square icon Mainstream & Plus dance
    Blue and Gold Square icon Plus & Advanced dance
    Blue and Red Square icon Plus, Advanced, & Challenge dance

    A Round Dance will only have circles but will also use colors to show the Phases called.
    Green and Blue Square icon Beginner
    Green and Blue Square icon Phase II & III
    Blue and Gold Square icon Phase IV
    Blue and Gold Square icon Phase V & VI

    Contra Dance will show with a banjo.
    Green and Blue Square icon Contra dance

    Clogging classes & workshops will show with 2 feet.
    Green and Blue Square icon Beginning clogging
    Green and Blue Square icon Intermediate clogging
    Green and Blue Square icon Advanced clogging

    Other types of dances and entities that we've not yet come up with a cute icon will have a generic dancing couple.
    Green and Blue Square icon Generic, non specific categories

    We also use other icons to assist dancers with other things you may want to know about.

    Green and Blue Square icon IAGSDC affiliate. (International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs)
    Green and Blue Square icon Families welcome
    Green and Blue Square icon Youth oriented. High energy! Do call ahead for restrictions.
    Green and Blue Square icon Handicap oriented. Call ahead to find out specifics.
    Green and Blue Square icon Live Music!
    Green and Blue Square icon Camping activity or camping opportunity

    What other icons would you like to see? Write us and let us know!

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  • I have a picture of our caller. How can I send it to you?
    If you use an email program, click this link to Send us an email using your email program

    If you use web based email and need to send us an attachment, you can use this email address: Update@WheresTheDance.com

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  • Our club is having a benefit dance. How can we maximize our attendance?
    Wheres The Dance very much believes in philanthropy. If your club is having a benefit dance where the funds received from the dancers is donated to a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, Wheres The Dance will create a free graphical ad for your dance! This ad display will ensure the maximum exposure for your dance. Did we say it was free!

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  • What are the ads on the left side?
    Some dance events deserve special attention. These special events might be Conventions, Festivals, Cruises, Benefit dances, etc. To better promote these special events in advance so that dancers can plan for them, we have created an opportunity for graphic ads to display to a wider audience than a dancer's preferences might be set. These dance events benefit from having a higher participation as the dance community becomes more aware of them. Then too, there is often an interest in knowing about items that are specific to the dance community such as shoes, jewelry, dresses, and shirts. Did you know that many top notch callers do one night stands? Are you having a party and perhaps you'd like for a caller to make your party memorable by doing a quick lesson and calling a dance? Callers who offer this service will be wanting to share that they are available for these events. Advertising with graphic ads are a very sensible choice given the low cost and extremely high visibility to all dancers. Click on an ad for more information.

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  • Is there going to be a mobile verison of the site?
    We have created a special interface for smart phones that offers the essentials of what dancers are needing when away from their computers. Our site works well from both Android and Apple iPhones.

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  • Why was this site created?
    Many dancers enjoy dancing more than once or twice a month but most clubs only have organized dances once or twice a month. This leaves those dancers to find another club or event where they can enjoy dancing. The choosing of where to go is often influenced by who will be 'calling' that other dance. Finding that out is not always easy and used to require a printed paper dance program that might not be handy. And then too, sometimes we might find ourselves traveling on business, or vacationing, and curious about what dance opportunities might be found in our unusual location.

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  • Why are all of the dances so far from me?
    The most amazing part of our site will result from your use of the ‘Search for Events’ tab. Use this tab to assist the site in knowing where it is that you are most interested. WheresTheDance.com typically has about 18,000 events around the world at any given time but don't be worried. We can deliver a custom selection based on where you are! The search results will be created just for you! Enter your address, or your postal code, or your city & state. All distances will be calculated from that point.

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  • Why is there both an Events menu AND a Club menu? What is the difference?
    In the Club's menu are a listing of every club that we believe is currently creating dance events. In the Events menu, are the events that have specifically been scheduled by those clubs.

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  • I found a club in the Clubs menu, but the Schedule page doesn't list anything for them. Is this broken?
    It appears that the club is a little behind in entering their dance events. Contact the club using the email link for their club contact and let them know that they need to add more dance events.

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  • Why is the menu named 'Events'? Shouldn't it just be named more simply 'Dances'?
    From a new dancers perspective, this would make a lot more sense. But after getting your feet wet in the dance world, the horizon is a lot further off. The dance world offers weekends, conventions, festivals, dance camps, cruises, etc. All of these event types are calendared for your pleasure.

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  • How do I edit information on our Club Detail page?
    Changes necessary to the Club Detail page are actually quite awkward to do. Rather than explain how to make these changes, please Send us an email using your email program with the details of the changes that you need for us to make to that page. Make sure you include the name and location of your club. Back to Top
  • I see lots of great dance events in the Flyer Central menu. How does Flyer Central work?
    Flyer Central is a collection of Special Events that occur all around the world. If a dancer is traveling or would like to find a great dance opportunity far from home, then Flyer Central is your best bet for fun. Flyers are added to Flyer Central by the WTD staff as there are several extra steps required for this feature. If you have a Special Event that has 7 or more hours of dancing, or takes places over multiple days, submit your flyer to Update@WheresTheDance.com We are currently adding all Special Events on a complimentary basis but take advantage of this now as this may change. Paid promotion of Special Events by dance sponsors are what will allow Wheres The Dance to continue to offer the free service to dance clubs. Back to Top
  • How can I write to you about something that is not related to a specific club or dance event?
    For a general question, use this button -->

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